Spring is finally here! With warm weather comes backyard grilling and fun in the sun. At least, it should be fun. Unfortunately, backyard barbecues have the potential to be dangerous, especially for children, if care isn't taken to ensure the safety of everyone present. If proper safety rules aren't followed, unfortunate accidents can occur. These safety tips will help ensure that the backyard barbecues your family attends are just plain fun, without injury. 

Follow Grilling And Fire Pit Safety

Follow these tips when you attend backyard parties this spring.

  • Keep your toddlers nearby at all times, and don't go near the fire. Use a toddler leash to ensure that your toddler is always close by and out of danger. 
  • Teach your children to stay away from the grill or fire. Teach your children not to play games or run in the vicinity of the fire, and not to  distract adults who may be dealing directly with the fire. If your children are unable or unwilling to follow these rules, keep them out of the backyard entirely. 
  • Older children who want to roast food over the fire must be supervised. Your children may wish to participate in marshmallow roasting and smores-making when the sun goes down. Not all children are old enough or responsible enough to safely handle this kind of activity, but children who are allowed to roast their own food and treats must be supervised at all times. 

Follow Basic Pool Safety

Backyard pools can be great fun, and a great danger. Any child who has not had swimming lessons should not be allowed to swim in the pool without a life vest. Even children who have had swimming lessons can still drown, and must be supervised at all times. If the pool is not being used, check that the access to the pool is restricted and that small children are unable to gain access to the area around the pool. Instruct your children never to play games in the area around the pool. Running and activities that involve running must be moved to an area set back away from the pool, or to another part of the property. 

Know What To Do In The Event Of An Injury

If one of your children is injured at an outdoor party this spring, the accident could be the result of negligence on someone else's part. Consult with an experienced personal injury attorney to ensure that you and your children's rights are protected. Personal injury attorneys can get you the compensation you need to pay for medical bills and other damages. For more information, contact a reputable personal injury attorney today.