Collisions with commercial rigs aren't great because they're often severe and lead to lasting injuries. If you're involved in one and have the chance to settle with a trucker, be sure to hire a truck accident attorney. They can help you approach settlement in a couple of key ways. 

Keep Mediation Fair

For mediation to work between you and the defendant (trucker), it needs to remain on fair grounds. You want compensation for the damage that the trucker is responsible for, and they probably want to avoid court because of how much it would cost them. If you hire a truck accident attorney, they'll be able to keep mediation as fair as possible.

They'll find out exactly how much compensation is appropriate based on how the accident damaged you and your vehicle. They'll also keep in mind the perspective of the defendant. Thanks to an attorney's help with keeping you objective, you're more likely to resolve a personal injury case before it reaches the courtroom.

Create a Confidentiality Agreement

After an accident with a trucker, you may want to keep said event out of the news cycle. For instance, you may be worried about being shamed even if you're completely innocent in the truck-related accident. In that case, hire a truck accident attorney before settling with the defendant. 

They can create an official confidentiality agreement and get both parties to sign so that whatever happens during mediation, these matters will be kept private. You can then resume your life in a normal way after you get finished settling the personal injury claim.

Make Sure the Settlement Is Official Before Charges Are Dropped

Once a settlement is reached with a truck driver who hit you due to negligence, ensure it's official before you drop charges against the other party. A truck accident attorney can verify the settlement is agreed upon and will go through smoothly.

They'll get the paperwork together and ensure everything is in order. After you get confirmation of the settlement being in the books, you can now drop your personal injury case and move on without dealing with any more legal matters or steps.

A number of outcomes are possible after an auto collision with a trucker. If settling is on the table, it helps to have a truck accident attorney provide guidance the entire time. Their assistance can help you settle a lot quicker and with no regrets.

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