When a police offer arrests you for a DUI charge, they write a report listing the reasons why they suspect you were drunk while driving. Many people think that it can be hard to discredit a police officer, but many of the things that a police officer witnesses and correlates to being drunk can occur for a number of different reasons. A great DUI defense attorney will use different strategies to help discredit the observation an officer made when you were arrested, helping to create reasonable doubt. Here are a few of the strategies a DUI defense lawyer may use to help with your DUI case. 

Defending Against Bad Driving

One of the reasons why an officer may arrest you for a DUI is because you were driving poorly. You may have been swerving, speeding, or changing lanes. However, many people have poor driving habits and most of them are not driving drunk. You may have been in a hurry to get home or may have been tired. A great defense attorney will provide reasons other than being drunk as to why you may have been driving poorly. 

Defending Against Alleged Intoxication Signs

Another reason why a police officer may suspect you are drunk is that you are showing signs of intoxication. Some of those signs include having red eyes, slurring your words, appearing nervous, or being slow to respond to a police officer. Once again, being drunk is not the only reason these signs may be present. You may have a cold or allergies, you may be tired, or you may simply be truly nervous or anxious about being pulled over. 

Defending Against Field Sobriety Tests and Observations

Lastly, a police officer may decide to arrest you because of the observations they made when they subjected you to field sobriety tests. You may have been unsteady on your feet, may not have been able to walk in a straight line, or may have had trouble balancing. A great DUI defense attorney will work to discredit these findings. People who are tired, nervous, anxious, or just have poor coordination can fail any of these tests, even if they are sober. 

Just because you were poorly driving, had physical signs of intoxication, and/or failed field sobriety tests does not mean that you are automatically guilty of being drunk and driving under the influence. A great DUI defense attorney will work to discredit each of these findings, helping to raise reasonable doubt in your case. This can help get the charges against you dismissed, reduced, or have a judge or jury find you not guilty.  

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