As your company grows, it becomes increasingly important to find a business lawyer to represent your commercial operation. Business lawyers can solve a lot of significant problems for their commercial clients.

The following are seven problems a business lawyer can help you to solve. 

Lack of awareness of laws that apply to a business operating in your industry

Both you and your staff need to be aware of all laws that companies operating in your industry must follow. If you work with a business lawyer that specializes in representing companies in your industry, you can be certain that you'll be aware of all applicable laws. This will save you from the potentially severe consequences of violating the law in the course of your commercial operations.

Lawsuits against your company

At some point, most companies will face a lawsuit. Your chances of winning a lawsuit are much higher when you're represented by an experienced business lawyer. Working with a lawyer can significantly reduce the amount that lawsuits cost you throughout the life of your company. 

Uncertainty in negotiating commercial real estate purchases

Any real estate possessions are likely to be among the most valuable assets of your company. For this reason, you need to negotiate good deals on real estate purchases and make sure that your company negotiates effectively regarding any real estate transactions it's involved in. A business lawyer can represent your interests in a real estate transaction and make sure that any real estate deals you become involved in are in your company's best interests financially. 

Inadequate defense of your company's intellectual property

It's important to protect your company's intellectual property through effective copyrighting and patenting of ideas. Protecting intellectual property and filing patents are complicated legal processes for which a business lawyer can provide expert assistance. 

Complications with presenting needed documents to investors

You need to be able to acquire capital to grow your company. For this reason, finding investors and convincing them to bankroll your commercial projects is important. A business lawyer can assist you when it comes to your relations with investors and can help you furnish documents that your investors request. 

Mistakes when signing contracts with partners

Contracts with your commercial partners are binding agreements that you will have to adhere to for the duration of your partnerships. As such, it's important to have a legal professional present to look over your contract and make sure your interests are being represented. A business lawyer can ensure that you don't make any mistakes in forming contracts with partners and that contracts you sign are drafted properly to be legally binding. 

Possible violations of employment law

If your company has employees, you need to make sure you're following all pertinent employment laws including acquiring workers' compensation coverage and compensating employees adequately. Your business lawyer can go over your employment practices with you and ensure that you're not in violation of any laws in terms of your employment policies.