In some cases, you will need a realty attorney when you are purchasing a real estate investment since it may be required by law. However, even when it's not required by law, you can often benefit from working closely with a real estate lawyer.

Hiring a Realty Attorney Can Save You Money

When you are purchasing an expensive piece of real estate, the last thing you want is to put your real estate deal in jeopardy. This is especially true if you will be carrying out an expensive real estate deal such as one involving a beachfront property or a historical property.

You will always want a building inspector when purchasing a piece of real estate, but high-value purchases will require more involvement. A real estate attorney will liaison with the building inspector to make sure that there are no problems you are not aware of lurking in the home.

Purchasing a Bank-Owned or Real Estate-Owned Property

When homes are foreclosed on, they become an option for a prospective real estate investor. While they are often discounted, they can also come with some risks. For example, if the property is being sold as-is, you will want the property thoroughly inspected to make sure that purchasing it is a good decision.

Buying Property in Another State

Each state can have its own unique real estate laws and you will need a realty attorney who has experience with the state in which you are purchasing the real estate. There might be new home requirements in a state and you may want the necessary renovations to be made before you purchase the property to remain in compliance with the law.

Saving Time

One of the main advantages of a realty attorney is that you will be able to save time. The realty attorney will draft a contract and will make sure that all the provisions of the contract will represent your best interests. 

The sooner you hire a realty attorney, the better off you will be. For example, the realty attorney can assist you in the earliest parts of purchasing a property such as performing a title search. Each of your documents will be organized and any required paperwork will be submitted at the right time. 

Your attorney will be there at the transfer to assist in paying or transferring your funds to the seller. When you are investing in multiple real estate properties, an attorney can make the process much easier and they can provide you with more information.