Divorce is not an uncommon event in life, but it has always been uncommon for spouses to stay living together after a divorce. Today, though, there are a lot of couples who are choosing to get divorced but stay living under one roof. There are a lot of good reasons couples do this, and this might be the right option for you if you are planning on getting divorced. Here are several things you should consider if this is an option you are thinking about.

The financial benefits it offers

A top reason couples will stay under the same roof after a divorce is for financial reasons. It is easier to support one household when you have two people working. If you move to separate homes, each of you would become responsible for paying for an entire household, and this can be a daunting task. Staying in one house can relieve a lot of financial burdens after a divorce, even if you decide that it will just be temporary to live together.

The benefits for the kids

If you have kids, staying in one house could be beneficial for them; however, if you fight all the time, this would not be a good environment for your kids to be in. If you can get along and work out a fair arrangement for living together, your kids might be a lot happier as they would have less of a transition to go through after your divorce.

Getting along will have to be a necessity if you decide to stay together under one roof, and both of you will have to be willing to treat each other kindly and with respect. If you can both work together in this, it could work out fine.

The boundaries you must set up

Finally, if you decide to stay in the same house after your divorce, setting up boundaries and following them will be a crucial step. Setting up boundaries involves making guidelines that both of you must follow, and the purpose is to keep the arrangement running as smoothly as possible. An example of a boundary might be that neither of you are allowed to bring a boyfriend or girlfriend to the house. If you want to date, you would have to do it outside of the house.

These are all good things to think about if you are considering staying in the same house as your spouse after you get divorced. To learn more, talk to a family attorney in your city.