Car accidents are a minute-by-minute thing. So many accidents occur in this country and around the world on a regular basis that it almost makes you wonder why people continue to drive. In fact, your injury and survival rates in a car are far worse than all other modes of transportation combined. Worse still, there are vehicles that have had more accidents reported and more lawsuits because of accidents than all other vehicles on the market. The following shows which vehicles and their dangerous features are at the heart of these accidents and lawsuits.

1. '70's Car Named for a Horse (Pinto)

This small vehicle was named after a breed of horse. Unfortunately, it also carried a dangerous characteristic that is common among horses- suddenly shifting gears without warning. The manufacturer also put the gas tank so close to the trunk that rear and rear-side impacts caused explosions. Multiple deaths and accidents were reported within the first two years of sales.

2. '80's Vehicle with Gull-Wing Doors (DeLorean)

Although the production on these vehicles was considerably low for most vehicle manufacturing standards, it was probably just as well. The doors jammed in accidents, imprisoning those inside. Injured drivers and passengers could not get out through the tiny windows either. In almost every instance where these cars were in an accident, the jaws of life device had to be applied in order to get people out.

3. '80's and '90's SUVs That Rolled (Bronco)

No one wants a truck or SUV that rolls. These vehicles were so top-heavy that even taking a sharp turn around a bend on an off-ramp or on-ramp caused them to flip and roll. Despite the manufacturer's continued attempts at redesigning and renaming these vehicles, they just kept on rolling away. Hundreds of people died, and thousands more would be injured in all of the accidents that involved these SUV's. After numerous lawsuits against the company, it pulled their SUV lines and waited until technology caught up to their vision.

4. (20)10's Tiny Car (Yaris)

This tiny, super-compact vehicle is produced by one of the most popular car and truck manufacturers. While it does make it an affordable option for drivers, its size makes it an instant death trap. Twenty-nine out of every one thousand of these cars sold resulted in a fatal accident. The car has not been pulled from the market, and there is speculation as to whether or not there will be a class action against the manufacturer in regards to the deaths.

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