The discovery that your mom has an outstanding warrant for her arrest is likely to be a shocker. However, even people who are normally law-abiding citizens may still find themselves dealing with a warrant. Often, this occurs when a person receives citations that they somehow missed such as a parking ticket or city code violation that just never made it to their personal mailbox. Naturally, your mom may be terrified of having to spend a night in jail, but this might not be necessary. Use these steps to walk your mom through the process of handling her warrant so that she has the best possible outcome.

Find Out the Exact Charges

When you receive a warrant, it should list the specific crimes that your mom is charged for, but it is also possible that other charges exist. In some instances, there may be additional warrants in other jurisdictions that you need to worry about as well. Contact the jurisdiction from which the warrant originated to find out how many charges your mom faces so that you can make sure that each one is handled appropriately.

Check to See If a Bail Amount Is Set

Many misdemeanor charges have a specific amount of bail that is already decided upon. For this reason, you may be able to find out right away how much you will need to get from bail bond services to ensure that your mother gets out of jail as soon as possible. Keep in mind that certain charges may have extremely high bail amounts, which may require you to work with a bail bondsman to acquire the amount that you need.

Consider a Warrant Walk Through

It is always best to encourage your mom to turn herself in rather than wait to be arrested. Not only does this allow her to avoid the potential embarrassment of being arrested at her workplace, but it also allows her to have more options such as doing a warrant walkthrough. During a walkthrough, your mom can use 24 hour bail bonds to secure her release from jail during the booking and processing portion of her arrest. This way, she can literally walk through the jail facility without spending any actual time there.

Once your mom uses her bail bond to avoid serving jail time, you both need to make sure to hold up your side of the deal by making sure that she arrives in court. Use the time that she has out of jail to arrange for legal representation that allows her the best chances of reaching an acceptable resolution for her charges.

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