Many people think of accidents involving tractor trailers as being horrific incidents that leave people terribly injured for the rest of their lives, but that is often not the case at all. Many accidents involving tractor trailers occur when they are turning and the trailer ends up clipping the side of someone's car. The guide below walks you through the process to know what to do if your car is damaged by a truck driver who did not turn properly.

Swap Information with the Truck Driver

Check to make sure that the driver of the truck is okay. Try to remain patient with the driver because it is important to realize how difficult driving a truck can be in heavy traffic and that everyone has accidents from time to time. Take a picture of the driver's license and insurance information and email it to yourself right away. This way you have the information saved, even if something happens to your phone. Get any information you can about the company that the driver works for, as well.

Get an Accident Report

It is important to contact the police to have an accident report created to ensure that you can prove that you were not at fault for the accident. The police will make a report stating what you, the other driver, and any witnesses saw to establish who was at fault for the accident. This will be essential when you go to make a claim with the driver's insurance for the damage that was caused to your vehicle.

Contact a Trucking Accident Attorney

Talking to insurance companies can be a bit tricky at times because they want to pay as little as possible for accidents to ensure that they are able to make as much of a profit as possible at the end of each year. Hiring a trucking accident attorney will ensure that you have someone to help you get the most money for the damages that were done to your car as possible. It is important to realize that the trucker will not be paying for the damages him or herself. The insurance company will be held liable for the damages, and the attorney will know what to say to them to ensure that they do not try to get out of paying you what you are owed.

Getting the money to repair your car will take time. The attorney may advise you to pay to have the car repaired out of your own pocket and then fight to get reimbursed for the payments that were made so that you can still use your car during the legal battle for the money.