Why do most people hate taxes? There are several reasons that make April 15th, one of the most dreaded times of the year. The confusing jargon, the strict consequences, and the money involved is all very scary—and sometimes a little foreign to most people. While you can certainly attempt to do your taxes yourself with one of the DIY programs, you might not want to.

If you encounter any of these five situations, you should probably hire a tax attorney:

1. Disputes

One of the more common reasons for hiring a tax attorney, like Dermot F Kennedy, is disputes. If you have received an audit or are filing taxes for multiple years, you will likely encounter a dispute at some point during the filing process. While you can certainly communicate these discrepancies with the IRS yourself, it might be better to hire a lawyer. The lawyer can talk to the IRS for you, advise you, and help ensure that you aren't overpaying. They can also assist you in the event of an audit by helping your organize, gather, and send off all items requested.

2. Penalties

Another good reason to hire a lawyer is when you face tax penalties. Small fines or big consequences are both reasons to enlist in the help of a lawyer, because the IRS does not play around. Underpaying your quarterly payments, not filing state taxes, or paying late all have consequences—and depending on your situation, they could be quite large. In these cases, it's almost always a good idea to hire a lawyer so that you don't wind up paying thousands in fees, or worse, spending time in jail.

3. Married, Divorced, or Separated

Changing your marital status has a big impact on your taxes. It can give you more money, take money away, or raise questions with the IRS. Even though it's a simple change in your day-to-day life, it might be very complicated when tax season comes. For example, accidentally filing your taxes wrong can result in huge penalties or fines. So it's always best to hire a lawyer if you have recently gotten married or are getting divorce.

5. You Need Help

Finally, a tax lawyer is a good idea anytime you need help. Whether you don't want to talk to the IRS yourself, you have serious questions, or you don't want to do your taxes yourself, a lawyer can help. They can answer any questions you have and deal with legal paperwork—and everything in between.

As you can see, there are several reasons to hire a tax attorney. Although it might sound expensive, the peace of mind is really worth it. So if you need help filing your taxes, don't fret, a tax attorney can help.