Recovering from a major car accident can take a lot of time if your injuries were severe, but at some point you may want to talk to a car accident lawyer about settling your claim. If you are certain the accident was not your fault but have no witnesses or evidence to prove it, your lawyer may suggest hiring an accident reconstruction expert to assist with your case. Here are three key things this type of expert will do to help prove your case.

Investigate The Accident

The first task of an accident reconstruction expert is to gather as much evidence as possible from the incident. This will involve obtaining a police report, and it may require visiting the exact location of the accident.

The expert will examine all these things and may delve further into any potential leads found during this time. The main goal of the expert is to determine exactly what happened during the accident.

Reconstruct The Accident

From the evidence, the reconstruction expert will draw up a picture or create a model of what he or she believes took place. Reconstruction experts are often able to accurately reconstruct the events of an accident, even if there is very little evidence available. The typical details they use to accomplish this can include:

  • The design of the roads, road signs, and terrain at the accident scene
  • Skid marks found at the accident scene
  • Debris from vehicles and the location of the debris
  • The location of the impact of the cars colliding
  • The amount of damage done to the vehicles
  • Eye witness testimony

This information can help the expert determine how fast the drivers were going, where they were located on the road, where each car was when the impact of the accident occurred, and who was at fault for the accident.

Report The Findings In Court

Finally, the accident reconstruction expert will appear in court to testify of his or her findings. If the expert determines that the other party was responsible for causing the accident, you will need the testimony from this person to win your case. Without it, you would have no evidence to prove this, and you may end up getting very little compensation for your injuries and damages.

If you were in an accident and need help proving what really happened, you should hire a car accident attorney. Your attorney may suggest hiring an expert witness and may recommend other strategies that could help you win your case.

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