If your debts are so high you could never pay them, and you're behind on all of your bills, you want to talk with a bankruptcy lawyer to see what your options are. A legal consultation can help you determine if it's worth your time to file a bankruptcy application, and file for chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Not all lawyers are the same and every bankruptcy lawyer may not be the best professional for your case. Here are two important things you want to do before you put down a deposit or hire anyone for your case.

Explore the Cost

Don't assume all lawyers are going to charge the same amount of money. The average hourly cost for a lawyer is above $280. Shopping around to find a lawyer that can give you the lowest rate, or offer you a payment plan is worth taking the time, even if you have to go to a few different free consultations.

If you don't win your bankruptcy case you are going to get stuck with all of your current debts and bills, plus the legal fees, so it's important to be wise. The more expensive lawyer won't always be better.

Get a Few Opinions

Lawyers across the nation have admitted that they will not take a case, or convince a potential client there isn't a case, because they don't want to invest their time. This happens in all areas of law, and it happens because the reward isn't high enough. You want to get more than one opinion to know if you have a good chance of getting the bankruptcy approved, before invest money and time. For your consultations, have tax returns, income statements, debt, and all other relevant information ready so you can get a full analysis while you're there.

Bankruptcy may be a way for you to get out of debt, start clean and begin a life where you are in control financially. There are hundreds of thousands of households that file for bankruptcy annually, and you want to hire a lawyer to make sure your application is flawless with the most detailed information that can help your case. If you have to go in front of a judge, it may be vitally important to have a lawyer like Crooks Donna C Atty At Law with you, especially if you are currently defaulting on payments that you need to make.